Вилла о. Брач, аренда от 1 100 € в день

Villa for rent on Island Braс
This luxury five star four bedroom villa is situated in quite bay on island Brač just 25 m from sea.

It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, private pool, jacuzzi, wine celler, outdoor terrace with sun decks.

Villa is less then 2 km from nearby villages Sumartin and Selca where you can find few necessary shops, restaurants and cafes

This villa was built so that guests can relax and enjoy the beautiful villa and surrounding areas.

This luxury Villa stretches over three floors; it is a spacious and very comfortable inside, quite a stunning villa of beautiful living space and terraces. Villa has 4 bedrooms, the number of beds 8, 4 bathrooms and is appropriate for accommodation of 8 persons.

Villa is completely air conditioned; has wireless internet connection, LCD SAT TV, jacuzzi, wine celler, pool, fully equipped kitchen.

 Категория: Хорватия/Аренда
 Раздел: Зарубежная недвижимость
 Код: 634674

Телефон: Представительство в странах СНГ
Телефон: (067) 275-19-10
Телефон: (044) 222-68-09
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